SUBTLE TOUCH LEVEL II: October 19 th – 20 th , 2024


Training Details

Facilitator/s: Anita R Blanchard & Ana Rios/Leda Seixas/Vivian Nassif
Date: October 19 th – 20 th , 2024
Time: Sat/Sun 9:30 am – 5:30 pm
Place: TBA/Atlanta, GA
Fee: $575.00 – Light Lunch and Refreshments Included
Limited number of participants (12)

* We encourage participants to attend the workshop with a local colleague to exchange regular applications of the technique for further professional development and in-depth personal experience.

Training Description:

This 2-day training offers hands-on experience in learning, applying, and receiving several Subtle Touch techniques: Fractional Decompression, Calatonia of the Sight, extended Calatonia sequence, sequences of head/face touches, and other “add-ons” (movements and touches) to be integrated before the application of basic Calatonia. The guided “Breathing through the Articular Surfaces” technique will also be presented.

The theoretical component will address the affective-touch system, known as the mammalian CT (C tactile) system, central sensitisation and psychological and somatic aspects of pain. Participants are encouraged to bring and share their clinical experiences with the application of Calatonia, and to begin to conceptualize cases within their own theoretical frame of reference.

The time allocated for hands-on practice is 65%, and theoretical component makes up the remaining 35%.

Participants are required to have taken the Calatonia Basic Training I before this module.

This training does not authorise participants to teach the method. For information on this topic: Requirements for Becoming a Calatonia Facilitator and Trainer

Note to Participants

Training in Calatonia & Subtle Touch offers a unique opportunity for professional learning as well as personal development. Participants usually report a boost in self-confidence, mutual trust and acceptance, sense of safety, respect for each person’s pace, and an appreciation for gentleness and non-invasiveness in somatic therapy.

The results of group work are usually highly positive, as group energy and dynamics can enhance the individual’s capacity for self-development and deepen the participant’s somatic and psychological processes.

For this reason, it is essential and highly recommended that participants be involved in their own psychotherapy, before and/or during the training.

Participants will receive a Training Brochure.

Suggested literature:


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    SUBTLE TOUCH LEVEL II: October 19 th – 20 th, 2024

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